BBC Match of the Day 2 – Week 34 | Full Show



  1. This has become ridiculous!

    First it started giving me “You’re using an ad blocker” nonsense in Firefox. I installed Chrome and ignored Ad Blocker when it prompted me to gain new permissions. It worked fine for a week or so then it returned to “You’re using an ad blocker” nonsense again, even after I removed the extension entirely. Now, I’m writing this from the freshly installed Opera which loads a blank video screen with a blue play button that doesn’t click.

    • Mate, dont know what to say. I’d say try incognito mode but you surely have already tried this. GOna forward this alongside other people problems to pw to see if they can throw some light on this. Sorry man

      • Thanks for your response. A strange thing happened afterwards.

        I reopened Opera and to my delight the video starts playing just fine. Since this wasn’t a good time for me to watch it, I thought to use my Internet Download Manager to capture this video for later. I integrated IDM into Opera by dropping its extension – found in Program Files folder – into the Extensions page on Opera settings. It prompted me to install IDM Extension and went without a hitch. When I reloaded the video web page it gave no video this time but the awful “You’re using an ad blocker” message. I didn’t even begin to put any extension into Opera other than IDM.

        Reporting this as it might give insight to a part of the problem.

  2. You need to bookmark “javascript:(function(){var elems ={if (e.hasAttribute(“data-config”)) return e;}).getAttribute(‘data-config’).split(‘/’); location.href = [“https:”,””,””,elems[3],elems[4],elems[6],”video-sd.mp4″].join(‘/’)}())” and you go on the page with the video click on the bookmark and it’ll play fine


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