BBC Match of the Day 2 – Week 36 | Full Show



  1. I like this player with the arrow-key controls etc.. It just could do with buffering a bit more – a bit stop-start today.

  2. It won’t allow me to play the video anymore. Usually the cursor would turn into a’hand onthe play icon but it nolonger does that

  3. Doesnt seem to support html5 i guess. Im not able to watch either. Sometimes they use a player that autostarts but you cant go fullscreen because buttons are unclickable. Cant even start. Alternative players have same problem.

  4. I live in Hamilton, New Zealand and enjoy your online coverage. I am a long time Burnley FC fan and remember Peter Noble, Thomson, Rodaway and Leighton James .. oh wot a season and much to look forwards to in the next. Thanks so much bcos we don’t get much footy unless one has Sky over here .. brilliant ..!!

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