Arsenal vs Chelsea – Highlights

Arsenal vs Chelsea Highlights and Full Match
Competition: Community Shield
Date: 6 August 2017
Stadium: Wembley Stadium (London)

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  1. Openload is unwatchable. Has been for a long time. If you don’t replace the video player, I’ll stop visiting the site. Sorry but is near impossible to enjoy any content

    • x 1000 for Openload being complete trash. No sound most of the time, spam ware popups, ugh. Look admins, we get the need for advertising to pay for all this, but you need to make it reasonable or you will kill the whole thing.

  2. audio out of sync. constantly changing volume level. buffering for no reason. please sort this out. this site USED TO BE good but now it’s terrible.

  3. This website is now so disappointing.i live in china n this is my only way of watching the games n now the videos dont even play . Every 3 or 4 seconds it must keep…please change it back to the way it was where u coyld choose from 2 videos to watch it from…:-(

  4. Even with Adblock, I’m still getting ‘girlie’ site ad’s … and quality of video’s aren’t much better!!!

      • OK, since I criticized Openload – how is the new RUTube player? Not bad actually, buffers well, sound is in sync, even the inline ads are less intrusive than exploding pop-ups, only downside is that on my Mac the video resolution is very low, well below the Streamable quality on the short HL videos. If it is supposed to load an HD video feed, it doesn’t. But thanks to mod / admin for listening…. if RuTube can do HD successfully it will be fine.

        • It auto-adjusts the quality after a few seconds, probably in relation to your internet speed. Thanks for the feedback


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