Arsenal vs Leicester City – Highlights

Arsenal vs Leicester City Highlights and Full Match
Competition: Premier League
Date: 11 August 2017
Stadium: Emirates Stadium (London)
  • Post Game

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  1. I thank arsenal so much for the effort they hv shown us bt I advise them to know wat they want they should not always wake when the game is ending and its not good at all and Wenger should give contracts to Sanchez and Ozil and he should not make a mistake to sell Giroud otherwise thax so much

  2. The end of an era, sadly this doesn’t work anymore in chrome or firefox – gets stuck on Performing a TLS handshake whatever that is – i’ve waited twenty minutes for it to load in firefox so i’m giving up 🙁

    • All good things, I guess. It’s been a solid couple of seasons watching MOTD and the full matches. Highlights are easy to come by but the full matches are a treat!

  3. Sadly, I have also used chrome and safari but didn’t work on neither of them. It was just loading like you have a slow internet, however my internet is running very good. Please fix the problem asap guys you’re our hope, because of you we all can enjoy the match. Thanks for your hard work as always. God bless.

    • I agree. Sometimes I open Safari but for the most part it works. How can people update their system for the new player?

  4. Terrible link speed. You always are unable to see any motion or sound in a normal speed. What do you do to correct this, Admin? Or do you want all your views to abandon you, forever?

  5. for some reason, some people are able to view the video but there are some that can’t. Admin i suggest that you revert back to your old links so everyone can watch it again and be happy

  6. Weshare has become very slow over the past month. Best bet is to use the download button to download the entire file, then watch it with a video player. The download speeds vary from 20-100KB/s, so don’t bother trying to stream it. You’ll just punch your monitor.

  7. I too have trouble with the full match. Many stops, and if I try to download the link I get about a two hour download time.
    The Highlights still work perfectly, but i would like to watch full matches. Hope you can do something to fix this.

  8. this fucking weshare is keeps freezing literally every 5 seconds.many people have this problem.this site was good but from the time you choose to put matches on weshare it has become unwatchable.bring the old links back because people will eventually leave this site and will find others.with a simple search on google i found other sites like fullmatchsports and watched the game there.

  9. Really appreciate these games being made available to us. However, the buffering for the full match is so slow on both Chrome and Firefox that I gave up and just watched the highlights. Perhaps it’s worth sacrificing some quality for download speed.

  10. This site used to be mint but looks like they can no longer handle the heavy traffic! Victims of their own popularity perhaps but can’t they go back to the Start?

  11. The current link is useless thus why i am recommending the previous link (the older version) is the best please recovery it. unless, its not possible even to post videos on this link because it seems viral.

  12. perfect site but a bit slow you need a better host to give you better speed
    your player need some features that are vital like video time and a button to change quality from 1080p to 144p

  13. Just get a download manager and use the download link on weshare. Doesn’t take long and you can download the 2nd half while watching the first and all without buffering.

  14. Only working on Microsoft Edge for me. Chrome and Firefox not at all for some reason (fine last season though). On Edge it was perfect HD with no freezing. Thanks guys!


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