Friday Night Football – Premier League Round 1 | Full Show

Missing first 3 mins of the show

If you have trouble playing the video, try one of the following: (1) disable adblock (2) open the site in google chrome incognito mode (3) try a different browser (4) reload the whole page..

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  1. Firefox doesn’t help – Chrome and Safari the same. Buffering to such a degree that it it totally unwatchable. Very disappointing.

  2. Firefox doesn’t work either. There is no browser that can load this video player. I assume you already know this, which begs the question; Why do you still use it all?

    Nothing works. I’ve tried 4 different computers on different networks. Nada. Zilch. Sweet F. All!

    It’s missing the first 3mins, great no worries… but I can’t even get to the 4th hahaha

    Surely, somebody there is takin the mick!!!! LOL

  3. Could you provide a lower divison option or the function that could play lower definition? We don’t need Gary Neville in HD (do we need him at all?)!


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