BBC Match of the Day – Week 01 | Full Show


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  1. Transferring data from so many sites, when will it ever load?

    Performing TLS handshake to api.pinterest – just stuck…

      • The first one seems fine for the ‘streamers’ from the little bit I checked, but no way to download from that site since it streams it via a flash player and even going through the coding doesn’t provide the raw data/file.

        The second one (which according to some comments WAS WeShare at some point apparently?) seems to be something called Streamix now, and presumably it should work for the ‘streamers’ as well, but again there is no download option. The button on the top right (which implies a download option) just takes you to their site and plays the video there, via a flash player again (while it IS possible to download the video from this site, it requires a fair bit of digging through the code to get to it).

        Also, just ignore the complainers who don’t realize you are providing a service for them for FREE and yet they ***** and moan like children. If you can’t stream it, download it. Or cry some more, whichever works for you.

        Specifically the complaints about WeShare are ridiculous. Yes, the site mentions you CAN stream your files from it, but that is not what the site is intended for. It is primarily a file-uploading/cloud storage option, NOT streaming; and properly so, they don’t seem to have put many resources into the streaming part anyway, since that is not what their site is meant for; it is just an option.

  2. Please use rutube on all of the videos..these video players doesnt work…every 2 seconds it buffers…so annoying… please please please…. 🙂

  3. Can we please revert to the old style from last year? The videos used to play seamlessly. Now it takes 3 hours to watch 1 hour. Its such a shame cos this site is great.

  4. I’m not sure what’s going on recently. Every time I try to watch I get ported to another site. When I do manage to watch it. It just plays for a few secs then stops.

    This site was awesome before 🙁

  5. I’m not sure what’s going on recently. Every time I try to watch I get ported to another site. When I do manage to watch it. It just plays for a few secs then stops.

    This site was awesome before 🙁

    Let’s get it back the way it used to be

  6. The file sizes are ridiculously large with a video downloader, both videos amout to 1.3gb with the alternate player, the main player doesn’t work. Last season we were getting 600-700mb per episode, pls can’t you go back to this, i have a limited data bandwidth, can’t afford to use that much 🙁

  7. I’m not even mad, you guys are a free service and a wonderful way to watch football – but what the hell are you doing throwing it all away so quickly for? I can handle a million pop-ups and what ever else you need to generate some coin for your troubles, but don’t change the system that got you here!!!!!! That, is pure stupidity.

  8. the new player with the quality change is great thank you. please can you make sure we can watch the videos regardless of internet location and quality? Awesome site i have been using for years please keep up the good work!

  9. Please go back to using playwire for the video player these new ones are all awful. if the quality of videos doesn’t improve i’m gonna find a new place to watch highlights.

  10. Thanks I ve just downloaded the part 1 with the second player it s great .
    It took 30 minutes with a public WiFi for 500 GB to me but it s a great way to watch motd


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