Manchester United vs West Ham United – Highlights

Manchester United vs West Ham United Highlights and Full Match
Competition: Premier League
Date: 13 August 2017
Stadium: Old Trafford (Manchester)
  • Post Game

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  1. YTF are you messing around with “RU” domains…not a single one of those links yesterday and today are working AT ALL for me. I don’t know Russian and cannot get those videos to download and I WILL NOT watch streamed content since one pause or bad quality frame is enough to put me off completely. I am beginning to regret my donation. KK

    • Just get “internet download manager” or “free download manager” and you will be able to download most playing videos on your browser. As for Russian language sites, use google’s chrome browser and it will automatically prompt you to translate the website. Hope this helps.

  2. Seconded. I’ve never complained before, but I ended up getting sent to porn because I clicked on the side bar. You’re asking for trouble with this two domains. Unless weshare or the others suddenly don’t work, which is possible, I’d encourage using them instead.

    • I got sent to some russian tumblr-like site. lol. Both domains work for me for the most part, though. What browser are you using? I used to use Firefox but I have found that Chrome works better with this site.

  3. What are you complaining about? The Ru videos work perfectly for me. In fact, they are much better than the webshare. So many ungrateful people out there!

    PS. I want to thank all the people who works hard to keep this website going. This is one of the only website that has had a great quality with great contents for this long! most other website dont last this long.

  4. I really enjoy site because I can choose up to 1080p (fhd). My only complaint is that download was inconsistent and slow for earlier spurs game but it is decent for current man u game. Love your work, always!

  5. You guys are great and your work has been really appreciated, but can you use weshare because it is faster and also allows for download

  6. thx for the links. The russian site worked ery well for me, and I can play it on 720pHD with no problem buffering. Thx again u guys rock

  7. I had no problem with the player (ru) worked fine. Was smoother and didn’t have to buffer, only downside is picture quality which isn’t as clear as weshare.

  8. i dont want to complain cuz until today, this was the most reliable easy accessible site to watch football but now its not how it use to be so thank you but its time to find another one.

  9. Thank you very much. The link ok.ur works really well. Please keep using them if you would.

    Once again, thank you.


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