Premier League Preview – 18th August 2017



  1. I can’t download from this new video player crap you have gone to. Tried 4 major browsers, addons like Modern Download Manager, DTA, Filezilla and Avant downloader. Nothing can get me the fix for TV viewing!!!
    This used to be THE BEST site, but nowadays its useless for me so I use “regmo” “8888” “FootyHL” “HLFooty” “TPB” and several other sites to get my stuff.

  2. Like this player a lot.. No buffering issues.. Plus love the fact that you guys are uploading these Premier League shows as well.. Keep up the good work! (Also upload more Premier League channel content if you can) Thanks!

  3. Hi Mate

    As previously warned by fellow colleagues, the player you’re using to publish the videos doesn’t allow us to download them.

    Could please try and post them on instead ?

    Thank you ever so much.


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