England vs Slovakia – Highlights

England vs Slovakia Highlights and Full Match
Competition: WC Qualification Europe
Date: 4 September 2017
Stadium: Wembley Stadium (London)
Referee: C. Turpin

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  1. Again and again I experience a high level of frustration with this site. The content is top class, but the site is pathetic. Half the time it is not loading or loading very, very slow. I have a fast internet connection, but somehow this site manages it so it becomes unbearable to watch. Is there anybody working for Fullmatchesandshows that knows how to run a site technically smoothly??? Obviously not. Please get some help from some real professionals in that field. Thank you.

  2. Guys, come on… I know you’re doing this for free and I thank you for it from the bottom of my heart. But PLEASE find another video player for your site. This is by far the worst video player I have ever seen in my life. I’ve never experienced something as slow as this. It’s absolutely terrible!

  3. @Alok Eggenberger: hey I have a semi-fast connection and I have absolutely no problems! I use the site frequently and have done for a time and never have any problems.
    I assume from your comment that the rest of your online experience is enjoyable, Youtube etc, so that only this site is a problem for you. Nevertheless check your flash settings or add-ons? I use Firefox and have no issues.
    Maybe you need to use some add-ons or try a different browser?

  4. never had a problem with this site no matter what they change, been using site for a gd few years now…have u ever thought it might be ur shitty comp/internet , stop ur complaining.


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