BBC Match of the Day – Week 04 | Full Show


Alternative Player


  1. the audio and video in the later part of part 2 are messed up. It started just before Chelsea match. The video and audio were out of sync and it got worse over time. Some part of Watford game was missing and some video was missing too. If you have a better version, please re-upload. Thanks.

  2. Part 1 is fine (works on stream too, if you’ve got a reasonably fast connection).

    Part 2 is evidently not from the same source: picture quality is dreadful throughout (so blurred you can’t read any of the captions, and can’t even see the ball on wide shots), and the sound is hopelessly out of sync in the second half.

    After three weeks of completely unusable players, this is at least some progress.

    However, the alternate player is still hopeless – freezes immediately, ‘Play’ button inactive. AND it gives you an automatic redirect to some porn site.

    It’s a pity to see this service decline so disastrously from what it was last year.


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