FIFA 18 Ratings Revealed: Top 10 Players


Finally, EA Sports have revealed the top 10 players in FIFA 18 ahead of the video game’s worldwide release on Friday, September 29.

10. Gonzalo Higuaín – Juventus

fifa 18 ratings
The Argentine hitman is in an elite category of strikers on FIFA 18; only two strikers are rated better than him overall (just slightly), while you’ll be hard pressed to find a more capable finisher with 87 shooting and a four-star weak foot.

9. Toni Kroos – Real Madrid

fifa 18 ratings
Real Madrid and Germany lynchpin Toni Kroos is the best central midfielder in FIFA 18. What he lacks in pace, he makes up for with passing on the verge of surgical precision (88) and a five-star weak foot that gives him the best chance of finding his targets every time.

8. Eden Hazard – Chelsea

fifa 18 ratings
Eden Hazard is the best English Premier League player in the game. His card is scarily impressive, possessing all the skills necessary to roast opponents one-vs-one, create chances and finish them off himself.

7. Sergio Ramos – Real Madrid

fifa 18 ratings
Has there been a better defender than Sergio Ramos over the past two years? A La Liga title and FIFA Club World Cup wedged in between back-to-back Champions League titles, with the Spaniard at the heart of it all, reflected in his stature as the finest centre-half on FIFA 18.

6. Robert Lewandowski – Bayern Munich

fifa 18 ratings
43 goals in 47 games last season earns Bayern Munich sharpshooter Robert Lewandowski a one-point boost to his FIFA 17 rating. Impeccable shooting (88), dribbling (86) and physical (82), while his four-star weak foot should see him finish from a variety of angles.

5. Manuel Neuer – Bayern Munich

fifa 18 ratings
The German international remains at the pinnacle of goalkeeping in FIFA 18, and in real life, with statistics that make you wonder if there are any weaknesses in his game.

4. Luis Suarez – Barcelona

fifa 18 ratings
Barcelona and Uruguay striker Luis Suarez was the best striker in the game in FIFA 17 and he retains that status in this year’s edition. There’s only one player in the game who has a better shooting rating than Suarez’s 90.

3. Neymar – Paris Saint-Germain

fifa 18 ratings
Luis Suarez’s former teammate edges just ahead of him to take third spot in FIFA 18’s official ratings. Neymar looks unstoppable with electric pace (92), unpredictable and skilful dribbling (94 dribbling and five-star skill moves) and the quality to finish off chances (84 shooting and five-star weak foot).

2. Lionel Messi – Barcelona

fifa 18 ratings
Argentine superstar Lionel Messi once again settles for second spot despite one of his best-ever seasons on a personal level – scoring 54 goals from 52 appearances. He keeps his FIFA 17 rating of 93, but an 86 passing statistic seems to heavily underrate the vision and playmaking abilities of quite possibly the best footballer on the planet.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo – Real Madrid

fifa 18 ratings
Cristiano Ronaldo is FIFA’s best player for the second year running after retaining his 94 rating. You can emulate the FIFA 18 cover star’s long-range pearlers with his 93 shooting and four-star weak foot, while he’s still got a whole bag of tricks in his locker with 90 dribbling and five-star skill moves.


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