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  1. No problem with either player whatsoever. No idea what you are all complaining about. BTW: This is a free site anyway, so WTF?

  2. What people are complaining about is that they do have a problem with the players. If you are lucky enough not to…. that is obviously some kind of freak occurrence. Lucky you – you are in a tiny minority.

    What difference does it make that it’s ‘free’?! It is still a service, and users are entitled to complain when the service does not work properly.

    And it’s not like this is a charitable, non-profit venture: they are seeking to make money from this – and they make their money from drawing users to the site who enable them to generate advertising revenue. So, it is perfectly legitimate for people – who are contributing to the site’s revenue indirectly, as recipients of the advertising – to point out that the service is SHIT.

    On most browsers, neither of these players will even display properly: the ‘Play’ buttons are usually inoperative.

    At least in Firefox…. SOMETIMES…. the ‘alternative player’ will work….. but it takes frigging hours to buffer.

    Basically, for most users at the moment, there is NO WORKABLE SERVICE here at the moment: the MOTD uploads simply will not play.

    And the operators of the site should be grateful to receive comments like this, because it helps them to understand why they’re losing so many users – and hopefully they can do something about it. (Although, given that they appear to have done nothing to address the problem in two months now, I am no longer optimistic about this.)

    • Share information – like… where you are, what speed connection you have, and which browser you’re using. And ANYTHING else you might be doing that’s helping it work.

      When obviously A LOT of people are having problems with this site at the moment, having people come on and go “Ha-ha, FINE for me!” is really not helpful. In fact it makes you look like a bit of twat.


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