Troy Deeney comments “aren’t justified” – Arsene Wenger hits back at Watford skipper


Arsene Wenger has fired back at Troy Deeney after the Englishman claimed The Gunners lacked the ‘cojones’ to beat Watford.

Arsenal went down 2-1 to Watford on the weekend, squandering numerous chances to build on their 1-0 lead and kill the game before Troy Deeney and Tom Cleverley’s goals guided Watford to an upset victory.

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Watford have jumped up to 4th in the English Premier League after winning four of their first eight games, a stark contrast from the side who lost their last six games in a row at the end of last season.

Speaking to BT Sport shortly after the game, Troy Deeney said, “I’ve heard (Arsene) Wenger’s already blaming (the decision) as the reason why they lost…there’s a reason why they lost and it wasn’t because of one penalty.”

“I’ll have to watch what I say. It’s (having) a bit of cojones, I think the word is, having a bit of nuts.”

Arsene Wenger’s response, while somewhat dismissive initially, did acknowledge the nature of the modern game – that everyone is free to say what they like.

“You can’t question our character. People try and put us down, they always have. Those comments aren’t justified,” said the Arsenal boss.

“Everyone is entitled to talk. Comments are part of the modern game.”

Arsenal are 6th in the Premier League after eight games, having already suffered three defeats to Stoke City, Liverpool and Watford.

They now look forward to a trip to Serbia to face Red Star Belgrade in the UEFA Europa League on Thursday.


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