The Debate – 26th October 2017



  1. Hey admin, first of all i want to thank you guys for all the work that you put in into creating this website and keep it floating, i have been spreading the word ever since i started here. I know you must profit from this somehow but the idea is splendid. This place has literally saved my life for the past three years. Idk why ppl complain about the players, they both work fine as long as your internet speed is sufficient enough. I do have a few questions tho.
    1. I’m using other streaming websites and some of them have a CAST option available on their player. Is there any way we can get that added in the future?
    2. I have 65 inch 4k TV and I was wondering if its even possible for you guys to post the 4k broadcast?
    Once again thanks
    Writing from Vermont USA

    • Thanks for your feedback mate, very appreciated! Can you name the player which offers this cast option? thank you very much again

      • Actually it seems like I can cast things now on my tv, its the little screen icon that pops up on the player that you can click on and have the ability to see it on your TV coming from your phone wirelessly, but you must have a cast device in order to see that icon.
        But I just watched the replay of PSG vs Merselle and was able to cast it on my TV, so I guess we are all set on that.
        What about the 4k broadcasts? Are u guys able to post replays of those? I know they usually show the big games in 4k now as well. It would be nice to watch soccer in better quality.
        Thanks for your prompt response

        • We upped some game in 4k, and we’ll deffinitely try to add more. But the problme is that when lots of games at once it is difficult to spend time/speed/bw and all it takes to encode and process a 4k game. But we’ll try to increase the % 😉

  2. The reason why I asked about the CAST option is because I have a google Chromecast so it would benefit me obv.


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