Girona vs Real Madrid – Highlights

Girona vs Real Madrid Highlights and Full Match
Competition: Primera Divisi├│n
Date: 29 October 2017
Stadium: Estadi Municipal de Montilivi (Girona)
Referee: Alejandro Hernández

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  1. I know this question is abit random but, how are the advertising boards not the same on the replays? If you look every time they replay something in the match that just happened, the advertising boards are different to when the even happened live.

  2. @Victor I noticed that for the first time ever at the replay of the play from minute 5:00~, when Benzema backheels the ball towards the goal. Though it was eerly weird too. However, if you pay attention, the replay just stops before the advertising boards change, so it was just an ilusion. Did you notice this in any other scene?

    • @Mihai Every replay shows the same companies even though its not what was on the advertising boards when the action actually happened live. For example if you see at 5:42 the advertising boards behind the goal are all showing a Bwin advert. and says “live the action” but on the replay at 6:13 you see the advertising boards behind the goal once the ball is in the area and its showing 4 different companies, Estrella Damm, Allianz, Bet365 and Coca Cola. Then at 6:53 all the advertising boards are on an orange Stihl advert and then they change to a Bet365 advert but on the replay at 7:22 the advertsing boards never change adverts and the one behind the goal is on the same 4 companies again.

      • I just checked and saw this in other instances as well. That is damn weird. After a simple google search I found nothing of the kind. This is worthy of a “glitch in the matrix” thread on reddit lol


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