The Debate – 11th January 2018



  1. Tim Sherwood is a clown. Always has been, always will be. He despises Liverpool. In the 2014/2015 season when he was managing Spurs he said Spurs would beat Liverpool at Anfield because Liverpool’s head’s had gone. Totally deluded. Spurs got hammered that day. 4-0 i believe, and that scoreline flattered Spurs, as it could hace been a few more for Liverpool. He is choosing the City three and completely ignoring Liverpool’s players purely out of bias. He’s entitled to his opinion but who would have Sterling over Salah in the form he is in? Only an imbecile. Sterling’s finishing is improving, but on the whole it is poor and his final pass is often not much better. I would have Salah, Firmino, and Sane. Aguero cannot be relied upon with his injuries, although i rate him extremely highly as a player and have done since he was a young lad at Atletico. I was hoping Liverpool would sign him back then but they didnt (Same with De Bruyne and Sane when they were at Genk and Schalke respectively). Sterling is left out for the reasons i mentioned previously. Firmino is one of the most underrated players in the Premier League if not all of Europe. A tireless workrate, strength, pace, skill, and finishing. Still not in his “prime”. Salah speaks for himself. Sane is top class. Pace, great final pass, great finishing, high work-rate, strength, and height. To me, the front 3 of City are only getting more goals because of the superior midfield behind them. De Bruyne and Silva are completely and unequivocally world class players. Wijnaldum, Can, Henderson, Ox, Lallana, and Coutinho (When he was there) are all very good players but not at that level. Coutinho was probably the closest to the City two. If the Liverpool front 3 were supplied by City’s midfield… that would be a recipe for some broken goal-scoring records.


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