Barcelona vs Girona – Highlights

Barcelona vs Girona Highlights and Full Match
Competition: La Liga
Date: 24 February 2018
Stadium: Camp Nou (Barcelona)
Referee: Javier Alberola

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  1. Hey Admin

    This is the best website highlights, you are doing amazing. However, if you can, can you please add beinsports highlights with ray hudson commentary instead of skysports?


    • Sorry guys, we don’t have the time or capacity to add multiple sources and channels, especially on busy times like weekends.

  2. Someone likes Ray Hudson’s pathetic hyperbole? Poor you, try listening to analysis rather than an old Geordie shouting meaningless drivel.

    • “Analysis”?
      How old are you, 9?

      In a sea of boring, one dimensional morons that bore us every time Ray is a fresh breath.
      Not that someone like you would understand something that complicated.
      Just ask that pair of siblings you call mom and dad not to reproduce again. Ever…

  3. Admin, CLEARLY you have BEIN Sport Ray Hudson admirers….why will you not accommodate us?

    Why do the anti-Ray Hudson barking dogs always have to win? ….oh thats right, they wear panties.

    • For every person that admires this commentator, you will find two of them that actually hate him.

      Sorry guys, can’t please everyone.

      • “For every person that admires this commentator, you will find two of them that actually hate him.”

        Wow 🙂
        On what basis can you claim something like that?
        Let me guess – you`re just pulling laughable claims straight out of your ass?

  4. Ray Hudson is what’s called a ‘color commentator’. Clearly people who don’t admire him don’t like entertainment in commentating. If all you want is analysis, holy shit I wonder how boring you are in life.
    “He’s as quick as a squirrel on a telephone wire.”
    “He disperses his atoms across one side of his defender, and collects them on the other.”
    Who isn’t entertained by his whit?


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