The Debate – 7th March 2018



  1. It has been disgraceful how Arsene Wenger has been treated by most Arsenal fans and then the Arsenal board’s lack of action and decisiveness has compounded his, the club’s, and the fan’s misery. He should of been told at the end of last season, Thank-you and its time to move on. Sad to see how he is treated and has been hard to watch both Arsenal and the overall situation with Wenger for almost 4 years. I have so much respect for Arsene Wenger. A truly brilliant manager in his time, brought some brilliant players to England, and had his team play the best football i had seen up until that point. Arsenal were once incredible to watch. Not dissimilar to City and Liverpool in the present Premier League season. All the best Arsene. Arsenal Football Club will remember him well im sure and when it announced he will leave, the fans will pay him the respect he deserves and give him a great send-off. Arsenal is a huge club and they will come through the patch theyre in now. (From a Liverpool supporter)

  2. Hi MehoMeho,

    Whenever possible, can you try and post the video link either on Openload or Weshare ???

    Thank you a million for everything mate.


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