Barcelona chose £135.5m FLOP over Mohamed Salah last summer!


Barcelona were reportedly in the running to seal the transfer of Mohamed Salah from Roma last summer before he ended up moving to Liverpool instead.

Long story short, the Egypt international has proven surely the signing of the season after an incredible campaign at Anfield in which he’s scored 43 goals in 47 games.

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There’s no doubt Barca could have done with that kind of firepower in their team, but instead they opted to fork out a huge sum of money on bringing in Ousmane Dembele from Borussia Dortmund, according to Don Balon.

BBC Sport had the deal down as costing potentially £135.5million to Barca in total, and it’s certainly not looked a wise investment so far as the French youngster has managed just two goals and five assists.

Of course, aged just 20, Dembele is a signing for the future and has shown plenty of potential, even if he’s not likely to be as much of a goal-scorer as Salah.

Barcelona forward Ousmane Dembele was signed over Mohamed Salah

The former Rennes wonderkid is more of a creator and has shown plenty of promise despite perhaps picking the wrong club when moving to Barcelona last summer.

Don Balon have recently linked the France international with the likes of Manchester United and Chelsea, so it could be that he’ll still forge a great career for himself at another top side more suited to his playing style and more willing to use him regularly.

Barcelona, however, will be kicking themselves for missing out on Salah.


    • Agreed. A player who was so influential in France’s 2018 WC qualification should not be so easily dismissed. He’s a different player who had some injury issues and, as a young player, he also had challenges with fitting into Barca’s style. That said, Barca bought him for his greyhound abilities to mix up their style when needed. This is his season to make a difference though and I think he will do just that. Stop harping on the 135m. That was so only because it became a sellers market after the Neymar sale.

  1. If only Dembele could get more playing time…..I absolutely believe he will perfectly fit with Barca’s playing style and even more.

  2. Salah better than Dembele? I don’t think you know soccer. Salah scored 43 goals because he lurks in front. Once they’ll know his game he’ll be done…Dembele is a speedster and he is very young. Once he’s assimilated in Barca he’ll be unstoppable.

  3. Now Socrates I don’t agree with this article, but what you said is wrong also. Right now Salah is better than Dembele for OBVIOUS reasons. But also Dembele is just 20, and a wonderkid with a lot of potential. And the fact is Salah doesn’t just lurk in front, he helps out with the play also, along with Mane and Firmino. And the way you put your words, you also sound like a hater, and a fanboy. Right now Salah is still playing fantastic in the BPL, new season.

  4. Victimpool Salah = 1 year wonder, Dembele will end up being a vastly better player over the course of his career. Author is probably a scouser batty licker.

  5. Not many people had heard or knew Salah at 20 years old. he was playing for Basel and scored 9 goals in 46 matches. Even at Chelsea at 22, he only scored 2 goals in 13 games. It wasn’t until he turned 23 and playing for Roma, that he started blossoming. Give Dembele time and he might flourish too. Its very hard to shine when you’re at Barcelona, with Messi, Suarez, and other great players. Sidenote: I hate that the English press calls too many players “flops” when making bad comparisons.

  6. As of Jan. 2019. Salah 31 matches 19 goals 7 assists, Dembele 27 matches 13 goals 4 assists.Hope Dembele played less mins :)))))))))

  7. annoy and pure stupid title and writter. Can’t believe they said Dembele is a flop. He’s a young talent and he’s showed his potential by rescueing Barca many times. He need the consistence but again he’s young.

  8. Really, why do such articles be allowed to be published, You can’t compare players who play in different positions and game time by both players is staggeringly different, Rumour has Barcelona have not only made 1 mistake by not signing Salah but also selling Dembele to Liverpool will put nail in the coffin, “I hope it happens” a bit optimistic but anything can happen!! With the service Dembele can provide to the front 3 it would be amazing, he would be a great addition to Klopps style of play!!

  9. You people should stop insulting the writer, is his opinion. By the way Salah is doing fantastically well. Lets see if Dembele can do something in his career.

  10. The problem is, playing along Messi is difficult for talented players. They have to give the ball to Messi all the time and if they don t they risk being outside Messi cirlce which means out of Barca. Sala wouldn’t score even half of what he scored playing along Messi.


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