Monday Night Football – 30th April 2018 | Full Show


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    • Hi LastMinuteGoals,

      Thank you a million for always going above and beyond to provide us with top quality content.

      It goes without saying that your efforts and dedication well and truly mean the world to everybody in here.

      Huge respect mate.

    • Hi LastMinuteGoals

      Later on, whenever possible, can you try and post the video links regarding the post match?

      As always, thank you loads for everything.

    • Hi LastMinuteGoals

      Thank you a million for making the post match link available on Openload.

      If I’m honest, I’ll never grow tired of singing your praises and giving you props whenever possible.

      Even though it sort of makes me feel a bit embarassed, can I just ask you one last favour mate?

        • Hi LastMinutes Goals,

          First and foremost, thank you a million for your ever present generosity and attention towards all of us.

          Given the importance of Arsene Wenger to English football and everything he’s meant in terms of revolutionising the game over the past two decades, can you please try and record the upcoming Super Sunday which will feature the French tactician take command of his final home match as Arsenal boss?

          As always, cannot come up with the right words to place on record all the gratitude I feel towards your ever brilliant work.

          Massive respect mate.


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