The Debate – 7th May 2018



    • Hi MehoMeho,

      Thank you a million for making the video link available as well as having gone above and beyond throughout the whole season in order to provide us with top quality content.

      Rest assured that your work hugely appreciated by everyone in here mate.

  1. love to have their made up problems. rich kids supported by a ‘say yes and ill get rich’ lapdog, create a problem where none exists. Grow a backbone, get rid of the leech (yet another sponge for your befuddled minds) and get on with it. You both talk about having a mental ‘problem’. If that’s what she told you then you are mugs for believing the leech. If you DO have a mental problem, why are you advising me in mental issues: surely you are worst placed, because of your mental issue….


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