BBC Match of the Day – World Cup 28th June 2018


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  1. Hi MehoMeho,

    Whenever possible, can you try and make the video link available on Openload?

    As always, thank you loads for everything.

  2. Hello, would appreciate if you can consolidate/centralise the 2018 FIFA games + other sports into different pages. So when user entered to your web site a page deligate to each category of sport e.g the FIFA GAMES, rugby .. etc . A single pressed on FIFA 2018 would give you all the 2018 FIFA games. Good if you can also do the same for The search option for FIFA 2018. At the moment the the system returns all football and other sports’ games and ads ALL squeeze into the pages. Too busy I think the priority should be the games and then ads can be embedded in the games.


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