Premier League Review – 3rd September 2018



  1. Hi MehoMeho,

    Whenever possible, can you try and make the video link available?

    As always, words are not enough to express all my gratitude towards your ever inspirational work mate.

    • Hi MehoMeho,

      First and foremost, thank you a million for making the video link available as well as always pulling out all the stops to provide us with top draw content.

      Whilst watching the video, I’ve noticed that the image resolution sort of suffers a drop in standards during some actions such as players running and other events which are equally caught in high speed by the cameras.

      Given the fact those alluded flaws most probably stems from DAZN1 recording, would pretty much appreciate if you could actually repost the video via other broadcaster such as Skysports or Btsport.

      Anyhow, cannot help myself but lavish loads of praise on both you and your ever present dedication mate.

    • Hi MehoMeho,

      In the previous comment, I’d said that there were some flaws to the image resolution during certain actions which are caught in high speed by the cameras.

      However, after having dowloaded it, I’ve come to realise that the image is actually picture perfect which leads me to believe that those alluded defects were down to the video encoding process which was still being completed back at the time when I first watched it.

      As always, thank you a million for always putting in the hards yards to produce the goods at all levels mate.


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