BBC Match of the Day – Week 07 | Full Show


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    • Hi LastMinuteGoals,

      Thank you loads por pulling it off in regards to part 2.

      By the way, what have you made of Troy Deeney’s performance yesterday whilst taking on Arsenal?

  1. Hi LastMinuteGoals,

    Thank you a million for always putting a shift in to deliver the goods as well as leaving no stone unturned to fill our lives with so much happiness and joy on a daily basis.

    Whenever possible, can you try and provide us with the link in regards to part 2?

    As always, massive props mate.

    • LastMinuteGoals,

      Later today, can we have both the pre and post match coverage in regards to Cardiff V Burnley?

      Although the game itself doesn’t promise much, I cannot wait to see the pundits discussing the latest developments concerning the ongoing falling out between Jose Mourinho and Pogba which definitely will be one of the main topics of debate on Super Sunday.


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