The Greatest Premier League Free Kicks



    • Hi Dickie,

      How are things going mate?

      It’s been a long while since the last time Premier League Today and Premier League News last featured in here which definitely feels like a massive blow bearing in mind that those two shows are definitely one of our cup of tea.

      Therefore, I’d wholeheartedly like to plead with you to try and turn the clock back on that front so that we can actually be provided with the alluded content once more.

      As always, thank you a million for everything mate.

      • Ok, mate we’ll try thanks for the reminder. It’s not always possible to catch it. But we’ll try our best!

        • Hi LastMinuteGoals,

          Thank you a million for the answer.

          Rest assured that your ever present generosity and thoughtful attitudes definitely mean the world to me mate.


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