Premier League Match Pack – 21st November 2019

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  1. Admins:
    It’s me again, the download speed complainer.
    Are you purposely trying to dissuade people from downloading your videos? Because, in the last ~1-2weeks, you have made it completely useless trying to download from vidia, filescdn by limiting the download speed so much that it it takes HOURS, MANY HOURS for a simple 1/2hr program at low resolution. Right now, Match Pack at lowest resolution is taking me 1h 25m hours at a speed of .4Mb/s (no, the decimal point is NOT in the wrong position). This basically means that I will not be able to download ANY matches on the weekend in a reasonable amount of time.
    Whatever your motivation, please let the community know so we can each decide if this site is useful for us or we should be looking elsewhere.
    Thanks, KK

  2. mate, the TV2’s image resolution is so dazzling on the eye which undoubtedly goes a long way towards making your work even more impecable.

    Thank you endless amounts for always living up to our expectations as well as never stopping short of producing the goods day in day out. You nai it big time pal.


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