Ballon D’or Ceremony 2019

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  1. Hey This time mid week games on Epl are on Amazon..

    You should switch to international broadcaster for games.. preferably “Hotstar”

    Not sure if Amazon will have build up to game or Post match.. but hotstar does..

    Can you record it from there? They keep full pre match, post match and full game on their app for free until next round of game

    There are plenty of mods of hotstar app also available and with good Vpn you will be able to watch it live as well..

    Or switch to Canadian or Australian broadcaster, one of them must be showing this pre and post match.. it would be great if you can do this..

    Peter Drury will be on coms definitely.. he is simply best.. so try to do his commentary in future 8f possible..

    Little suggestion.. anyway thank you for the amazing work you do..


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