Countdown To Kick Off – 24th December 2019

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  1. mate, thank you loads for always being at it putting in the hard yards and absolutely working your socks off when it comes to presenting us to so many majestic moments as well as giving us so much to be happy about at all times.

    Would love to take the opportunity to wish you a very blessed and happy christmas as well. Honestly hope that life always smiles on you and definitely provides with all the most dazzling things one could actually dream of.

  2. Over the next couple of days, BT Sports 1 will air an special series featuring the highlights from the past ten Premier League campaigns. Could you please try and record some of its episodes and hand it to us as little christmas prezzie?

    Pulling it off for us would certainly go a long towards making our festive season even better.

    As always, can only give you props and heap some glowing praise on your ever immaculate work.



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