BBC Match of the Day – 15th February – Week 26

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  1. as much as i appreciate all the hard work done here, i must tell you that payskip is fucking bollocks, very close to unusable trying to get to the actual content is near impossible

  2. As per usual, am popping in here only to put on record all of my admiration, respect and gratitude towards your ever immaculate work in treating all of us in here to witness so many outstanding sporting occasions day in day out whilst absolutely filling our lives with so much joy in the process.

    Rest assured that your ever present dedication and generosity definitely means the world to every one of us in here mate.

    PS If that doesn’t mean any sort of inconvenience in any way shape or form, could we please have the Sky Sports Main Event broadcasting for both Aston Villa v Tottenham as well as Newcastle v Arsenal ???

  3. Those links are terrible, vid player also poor and video here is always removed right away.
    It’s time to put much better links or fuck this site.


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