Olympique Lyonnais vs Juventus – Highlights & Full Match

Olympique Lyonnais vs Juventus Highlights and Full Match
Competition: Champions League
Date: Wed, 26 Feb 2020
Stadium: Groupama Stadium
Referee: Jesús Gil

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Pre Match

Mega – BT SPORT : https://payskip.org/wFasFVqU

Vidia – BT SPORT : https://payskip.org/89FS

1st Half

Vidia – BT SPORT : https://payskip.org/NcmNet8mnXT

Mega – BT SPORT : https://payskip.org/wuLNg4N

Mega – SUPER SPORT : https://payskip.org/P0p9y

Google Drive – SUPER SPORT : https://payskip.org/GOPc6

Google Drive – B/R : https://payskip.org/tvYq15

2nd Half

Vidia – BT SPORT : https://payskip.org/LCyPaLO6Blb

Mega – BT SPORT : https://payskip.org/Wbel8XX

Mega – SUPER SPORT : https://payskip.org/bjiDoLA

Google Drive – SUPER SPORT : https://payskip.org/4ABJWAPnBth

Google Drive – B/R : https://payskip.org/B1o0fdY

Post Match

Mega – BT SPORT : https://payskip.org/5zQR67H

Vidia : https://payskip.org/zmgh


  1. Would you mind providing us with Vidia direct links for BT sports’broadcasting of both the first and second halves ??

  2. are the Vidia direct links to the BT Sport’s recordings of the both halves as well post match on their way here ?

  3. Thank you tons for always producing the goods at every level as well as meaning business at all times.

    Your ever immaculate work can only be described as an absolute gem which will most certainly be nurtured and treasured by every one of us in here until the last day of our lives.

    Rest assured that the whole Fullmatchesandshows crew hold such an special place in both our hearts and thoughts mate.


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