BBC Match of the Day 2 – 1st March – Week 28

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  1. Admins,
    You have done an outstanding job as usual this weekend, I appreciate your hard work with the quantity and esp. the quality of your work.
    THANK YOU!!!

  2. mate, thank you endless amounts for always being at it pulling out all the stops and even spreading yourself too thin at times to deliver the goods at every level as well as providing us with such top draw content day in day out.

    As previously stated over past occasions, your ever immaculate work can only be described as the gift that keeps on giving and most importantly filling our lives with daily reasons to smile about.

    Unfortunately, my words won’t ever come anywehere near to translating all of my admiration, respect and gratitude towards the Full Matches and Shows crew. You guys definitely hold such an special place in both our hearts and minds.


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