EPL Classic Match – Man City v Man Utd – 9th December 2012


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1st Half

Vidia : https://payskip.org/dW0CWWG

2nd Half

Vidia : https://payskip.org/WqfOFhoJE


  1. Thank you for all these classic matches! Without new soccer games, it’s been really nice to have the blast from the past!

  2. Thank you an awful lot for always moving heaven and earth in order to fill our lives with daily reasons to smile about even during them’ most sombre of times we’ve come to witness of late in light of the covid outbreak.

    It goes without saying that your ever immaculate work plays such an instrumental role in our lives.

    Honest to God, cannot thank you enough for your ever present dedication, generosity and attention towards all of us in here.


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