Inside Serie A – 20th March 2020

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  1. mate, Astrosport 3 has been broadcasting a variety of them “premier league season review” prorgrammes over the past days and will continue to do so come next week as you can actually figure out by yourself whilst acessing the following link.

    Would definitely love if you could actually pull it off for us and let us have them’ alluded episodes which already aired over the past days as well as the ones whose exhibition are scheduled for next week.

    As per usual, can only give you props and put on record all of my admiration and gratitude towards you for always filling our lives with so much happiness and joy even during those troubled times we’ve come to endure of late in regards to the covid outbreak.

    If anything, your work can only be described as a gem which will always be fondly treasured, nutured and savoured by everyone in here until the last day of our lives.


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