UCL Classics – Bayern Munich v Chelsea – Final – 19th May 2012


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Vidia : https://payskip.org/W0oYuU

1st Half

Vidia : https://payskip.org/J8tRuYJOhw

2nd Half

Vidia : https://payskip.org/MALS3I1dDH

ET/Pens if any

Vidia : https://payskip.org/vtDz

ET/Pens if any

Vidia : https://payskip.org/2T3SGb9

Trophy Celebrations

Vidia : https://payskip.org/gRBW4

Post Match

Vidia : https://payskip.org/iAcAP3f


  1. mate, if you allow us to have the complete coverage of this very specific match including both its pre and post match slots, I will be eternally grateful towards you.

    As per usual, can only give you props and most importanly sing your praises all day long.

  2. Thank you so much! Love all the Full Prematch and Full Postmatch! Can you do this too for the 2010 Champions League Final and 2015 Champions League Final please? These are my two favorite Champions League Finals, and you KNOW that I’m a passionate lover of your website. Thank you so much! Love you guys!

  3. 1995 Champions League Final Please: Ajax wins their most recent European Cup/Champions League since the 1970s.

    1993 Champions League Final Please: Olympique Marseille win their first European title.

    1989 European Cup Final: Milan beats Steaua Bucuresti in the Camp Nou.

    1999 European Cup Final: Utd beats Bayern in the Camp Nou.

    Thank you from my thankful heart.


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