La Liga Highlights – 15th June 2020

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  1. I hve now a couple of times watched the La Liga Highlights – this time 15th June 2020 and it was as usual a sample of the most not interesting TV-programmes I have ever seen in my life. Let me ask the producer or the TV-company that do this show…

    a – Why in heavens name disclose absolutely everything before you even starts to show the highlights from the different games… a catastrophe for me…. I saw all the results, I did see the table even, and I must say that it made me turn off this program, and watch other things instead.

    For God sake, learn one thing, if you disclose everything then what is more NOT interesting than a football-match???

    Sorry that I couldn´t be more positiv and grateful…. But plse change producer, he is completely worthless, and shouldn´t be working with this..

    Gregor Almergren


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