Premier League Preview – 17th June 2020

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  1. Wow my word, cannot believe the beautiful game will finally find its way back onto our tellies.

    Mate, credit where it’s due. Since the pandemic took hold, you’ve not gone a single day without actually pulling out all the stops and absolutely working your socks off to try and provide every one of us with some really interesting content whilst putting a massive smile on our faces in the process.

    If anything, can only give you props all day long and most importantly lavish endless praise on your ever immaculate work.

    Would like to wrap up this message by putting to question to you:

    1- When will the IMG produced programmes be brought back into the fold and make the pecking order in here ? (I’m referring to Weekend Review, The Headline Makers, Analysis Show, Inside The Premier League, The Big Interview, Kelly and Wrighty Show, Fanzone, Netbusters, 1-11)

    2- Will the games aired by both Sky Sports and BT Sports still have their usual pre and post match slots ??


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