Salzburg vs Bayern München – Highlights & Full Match

Salzburg vs Bayern München Highlights and Full Match
Competition: Champions League
Date: Tue, 03 Nov 2020
Stadium: Red Bull Arena
Referee: D. Makkelie
  • Highlights & Full Match




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First-Half : Vidia

Second-Half : Vidia

Full Match : Torrent Link



  1. Evening mate,

    First things first, hope the whole Full Matches and Shows are doing brilliantly well.

    Shouldn’t it bother you in any way shape or form, would you mind trying to rectify the vidia direct link to yesterday’s edition of Premier League Review ?

    The alluded issue with the link actually stems from the fact that as soon as it is pressed, we are automically redirected to one of them’ verification pages instead of being shown the footage self.

    Whoheartedly hope you can come to my rescue yet again in regards to that one.

    As per usual, can only wrap it up by putting or record all my respect, admiration and gratitude towards the ever immaculate work of yours.

    You smash it big time.

  2. Please upload first half Salzburg vs bayern munich somebody share a link so i download it waiting for 2 days man already downloaded 2nd half waiting for so long patiently i implore somebody please haveni watched it yet please


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