BBC Match of the Day 2 – 08 November – Week 8

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  1. Thank you an awful lot for always putting your heart and soul into delivering the goods in every level whilst constantly providing us with loads of daily reasons to feel about.

    If anything, the ever immaculate work of yours can only be described as the gift that keeps on giving and most importantly filling our lives with such a great sense of enjoyment at all times.

    Unfortunately, words will never ever come anywehere near to translating or at least doing justice to all my respect, admiration and most importantly gratitude towards the ever majestic work of yours.

    PS Can only heap endless praise on you all day long for having taken heed of my suggestion in granting us access to Sky’s televised matches as well as the Premier League programmes broadcasted by them in dazzling 1920 p image resolution just like in the gold days gone by.


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