Premier League Review – 18th January 2021

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  1. Evening mate

    Whoheartedly hope both your and the whole Full Matches family’s week has got off to such a great start.

    Unfortunately, I am struggling big time to have proper access to the download direct link bearing in mind that Payskip happens to be automatically redirecting us to other pages whose content got absolute nothing to do with the programme footage itself.

    Could you please try and rectify it for us ?

    As always, can only wrap it up by giving you props and heaping glowing praise on your ever immacualate work which most certainly can only be described as the most enchanting, fascinating thing one’ can ever witness in this entire life.

      • Unfortunately,would’ve assumed words won’t ever be enough to thank you for your ever present attention, generosity and most importantly altruism towards all of us on here mate.

        If anything, can only describe the ever majestic work of yours as the stuff dreams are well and truly made of which most definitely goes a long way towards laying bare the reasoning as to why Full Matches and Shows plays such an instrumental role in our lives.


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