Elche vs Barcelona – Highlights & Full Match

Elche vs Barcelona Highlights and Full Match
Competition: La Liga
Date: Sun, 24 Jan 2021
Stadium: Estadio Manuel Martínez Valero
Referee: Valentín Pizarro
  • Highlights & Full Match




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First-Half : Fast Direct Link

Second-Half : Fast Direct Link

Full Match : Torrent Link


  1. i have been using this website for years and it has actually been an unbelievable gift. watching barca from the usa is so difficult with the timing because of work, etc, so this has been beautiful.

    lately, however, it has been nearly impossible to watch the barca match replays. the streams buffer ridiculously slow, what’s going on?

    • we usually post alternative players for big games sorry we didn’t today next time for sure ; but you can download the game from the hosting website is very fast

    • Yeah I feel grateful too as I live in Asia where the time difference and work commitments doesn’t allow me to watch the matches live anymore. Having this website is a blessing.

      However the streams for the last few matches are very annoying. Whenever I click something, a new pop up will come up. It was never like this all these years with yfl and xo videos. Only started happening with this new stream.

  2. Hey friends, you are doing a great work. Please lately downloading stuff here is so difficult. Could you make it as simple as it used to be when we had options to download in lower quality. Please, this would be appreciated


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