Premier League Review – 29th January 2021

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  1. Evening mate

    Wholeheartedly hope both you and the entire Full Matches and Shows family are doing brillianly well.

    Whilst trying to access the download direct link, have just noticed that it’s not working.

    On the back of alluded issue, shouldn’t it bother you in any way shape or form, could you please try and work your magic in fixing it ?

    As per usual, can only thank you endless amounts for always pulling out all the stops and most importantly leaving no stone unturned to constantly present everyone on here with loads of daily reasons to smile about.

    Even though sounding like a broken record at times, would have assumed I will never ever grow tired of giving you props and most importantly heaping glowing praise on the ever majestic work of yours.

      • The alluded technical hitch has been well and truly dealt with mate.
        As per usual, can only thank you tons for always delivering the goods at all times whilst most certainly making us utterly spoilt rotten in the proccess.
        If anything, the ever magnifent work of yours can only be described as the stuff dreams are made of which undoubtedly goes a long way towards laying bare the reasons as to why the whole Full Matches and Shoes family hold such an unique place in our hearts.

  2. The direct link now works perfectly well but its’ footage actually refers to the preview programme instead of the review one though mate.

      • Thank you endless amounts for always coming to my rescue whilst most certainly playing such an instrumental role in my life at all times mate.

        Unfortunately, would have thought words won’t ever be enough to translate all my respect, admiration and most importantly gratitude towards the ever immaculate work of yours which most definitely ranks right up there as one of the most enchanting, fascinating things one’ can ever witness in this entire life.
        Credit where its due. You nail it big time.


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