The Analysis Show – 23rd February 2021

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  1. Evening mate

    First and foremost, wholeheartedly both yours and the whole Full Marches and Shows family’s weekend got off to a flying start as you guys are truly deserving of the greatest things one can’ ever dream of.

    Shouldn’t it bother you in any way shape or form, could you please try and allow us to have the BT Sport’s broadcasting of tonight’s Champions League matches, most importantly the one between Chelsea and Atletico Madrid, in 1920 p image resolution ?
    If anything having them’ matches available in 1920 p would definitely go a long way towards further enhancing the thrill of the occasion whilst most certainly making it all the more pleasurable in more ways than one.

    As per usual, cannot wrap it up without actually thanking you an awful lot for always putting in the hard yards as well as moving heaven at earth in order to live up to our expectations at all times whilst most definitely providing everyone on here with loads of daily reasons to beam with happiness.

    If anything, your ever majestic work figures right up there as one of the most instrumental thing in our lives.


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