Football Betting Online

Football betting online is a growing market. The number of internet enabled devices makes it easier than ever before to access sportsbooks via mobile phones, tablets and PCs.

While offline shops may have tried to modernize in recent years, they still can feel like they have a stigma attached to them. Online betting lets you place bets from the comfort of your own home or on the move. There are lots of advantages associated with online sports betting sites, so let’s look at each one in more detail.

Better odds

Some online sportsbooks do not have expensive physical shops and therefore are sometimes able to offer more attractive odds for customers.


If you live in a rural location or outside of a town center you may not have easy access to a physical betting shop. Online football betting overcomes this obstacle and allows you to place a wager on a match at your own convenience.

Gambling Controls

Unlike a physical betting shop, most if not all online sportsbooks today allow you to use a number of tools to control the amount you deposit and spend on betting, and you can also use tools to manage the time you spend gambling. Players can also activate time outs from their accounts if they want to take a defined break from betting online.


Online bookmakers can provide you with a depth of easy to access data on football teams, players and recent matches that is not as readily available in a physical betting shop. This allows you to do better research prior to placing your football bets, and make informed selections.


Online sportsbooks offer a wide range of promotions, price boosts, introductory offers upon opening your account, plus loyalty reward schemes and prize draw competitions. Some of these advantages are available from high-street betting shops but they are not as commonly found as with online betting sites.

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Odds comparison

Tools such as Oddschecker means you can compare the odds from several different online bookmakers. The advantage here is if you only have one physical betting shop near you, then you’re pretty much stuck with the odds that they are offering. Online football betting opens up the opportunity to find better value for your football bets.

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Cash out

Sometimes you may have a bet winning in play and you have a gut feeling that something is going to go wrong. With cash out you can take a profit on your bet part way through before it is too late. On the other hand if you have a football bet that is losing you can also cut your losses and take back part of your stake without losing everything you placed on the outcome. Cash out is available online with the most well-known bookmakers, but not available in high-street betting shops.

Safety and security

The positive arguments for security around online betting include that if you win big, you don’t need to worry about carrying a large sum a cash from the betting shop, as it will be paid digitally into your bank account or virtual wallet. In addition all your bets will be recorded digitally, meaning you never have to worry about losing a betting slip.

Now we have had a look at the pros of football betting online, it is fair to balance the argument and look at a few of the potential negatives compared with physical betting shops.


Some deposit methods online can occur charges on top of your deposit which is obviously not the case with cash betting in a high-street betting shop. However, all online football betting sites will also offer deposit methods that do not incur additional charges such as debit card deposits.


Unlike a betting shop, online sites can take longer to pay out your winnings as you can’t simply walk out with cash. Instead your winnings need to be processed and sent to your bank which can take 2-5 working days to reach you. With some options such as PayPal withdrawals, you can receive your withdrawals in just a couple of hours or in some cases instantly.


When betting online you will need to verify your identity by supplying ID and proof of address documents. This is to ensure that you are of the legal age required to gamble in your resident country, and that you are who you say you are. This is to prevent possible fraud and money laundering.

This process is normally completed soon after opening your account and will typically be resolved within 24-48 hours after submitting your verification documents. On some occasions, you may face a small period of inconvenience and be locked out of your account until the process is completed.

Security & connection

While there are security advantages online over physical shops there are also some potential disadvantages. Follow the advice for all websites and keep your passwords private and hard to guess. Other issues may arise if you have problems with your internet connection or slow loading speeds.